£6m will be spent over the next four years to help improve the digital capabilities of our health and care workforce. Your help is needed to get the biggest bang for buck from this investment. 

Health Education England, NHS England and NHS Digital, the agencies responsible for building a digital ready workforce, want to hear from the widest possible cross-section of health and care professionals about what is needed to help improve the digital readiness of those who work in our health and care system.

During phase 1 of this project, working in partnership with Clever Together, Digital Health, BCS Health and Care, Federation of Informatics Professionals and the Faculty of Clinical Informatics, We hosted a three-week national online workshop to explore the needs and experiences of informaticians, including the ‘lost tribes’ - those digital experts who we don't usually hear from. they might have been a nurse, a physio, a surgeon or a porter, a GP, a practice nurse or receptionist, an IT director, helpdesk specialist or a medical records coder, a clerk or a finance director - the key is they all have digital expertise. 

Through this workshop they told  us:

  • what help and support they need to improve the impact of their digital expertise, and
  • what help and support our system needs more broadly to improve the digital maturity of others.

The results of our online workshops have been analysed and suggestions for how we take the work forward have been made. The Building a Digital Ready Workforce programme is now using this insight to consider how it invests its remaining £6m over the next four years. 

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